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Future Oscar winning Director, writer and aspiring copywriter!

Why should you hire me?

My goal in life is to create stories, it's something i've always loved and worked to be better at. I make my own films, I take initiative to learn and work with others and I prioritise creating inclusive spaces for POC women to feel empowered and gain experience.

My Projects


واحد مجنون

Wahid Majnun is a photoseries that focuses on Arab diaspora in Western Sydney. It explores themes of masculinity, joy and friendship. I feature my dad and uncles in this project, in an effort to destigmatise the stereotypes we have of Arab men.

Project in development

Zine (1).jpg


Beirutain is a zine edited and co designed by me, it features poetry, music, writing, and photo media. Beirutain is a digital gallery documenting the experiences of diaspora in Lebanon searching for ourselves, creating art, and finding community.

[Original size] Simone EDITS (1).jpg


Al Sarab is a digital zine, edited by me and including POC artists from all around the world. It focuses on experiences of womanhood and diaspora.

I am Samoan - Marmi Alatipi_edited.jpg
Abjection _6.JPG


Abjection is a short film co directed and produced by me. The film features contemporary dance and explores the effects of the male gaze on women and how we have to compete against each other in order to win male validation.

My Services

Filmmaking & Copywriting.

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